Define fitness how you choose.

That’s your right; it can be a subjective thing.  If you wish to belong to a cult, you have a right to believe what you want.  It is wise, though, that you seek to know more.  Most people don’t know where to start.  Do not infer that I’m claiming I know everything–in fact, the more I learn, the more I have realized that I need to learn.  The sort of awakening to which I refer, though, does not happen without some attempt at discovery.

“The confidence of amateurs is the envy of professionals”–this, to me, represents the frame of mind owning so many practitioners in the fitness industry–but on the other end of the spectrum you find Bruce Lee saying, “My style is no style…” As this goes, it is difficult to maintain “no style” forever..and so even with an experienced coach there are preferences and go-to exercises that become prioritized more highly than others, but this often corresponds with the use of some underlying logic or systematic approach.  Also, then, there are organizations which follow certain principles and standards–and there are coaches within these organizations who limit themselves within these parameters.  With all this said, one coach is not another and one gym is not another–this is why I say I am an advocate for fitness; but not for the fitness industry, per se.  I have been called old-school, but I prefer that over “closed-minded.”

To this end, I do not endorse or condemn the following of the crazy brand of circuit training everyone is strung out on.

Workouts should have challenging elements.  But remember; as experts have asserted, strength is a skill..  “Quality gives way to quantity.”  What this should mean to you is that after a certain amount of volume (or beyond a given intensity or weight), the way you’re moving will change–often against your will, and often to the detriment of your eventual goal, if it is a performance-related one.  Interpretation:  What you’re doing isn’t “wrong,” but it’s not the only way; by any means (therefore, it might not be the best way “all the time”). 

“Competition-style” workouts should be planned and spaced in a way that does not cause injury because they allow the athlete to safely complete all of his assigned tasks with enough energy to ensure correct mechanics.  This is where my path begins to diverge from that which the masses so lovingly embrace.  I am asserting simply that one size does not fit all.
I have heard two profound things from coach Dan John which I can relate to this topic.

1.  Everything works, but nothing works forever.
2.  The first goal of a trainer is:  Do no harm.

Can I do the workouts you do?  Sure.  Have I “done it?”  …If you mean ‘have you done high intensity circuit-style training?’ then YES. But do I choose to define my style always within similar confines as some?  No.  Do I prefer certain tools to others (“do I have a personality”)?   Yes.  Can I make you good at being strong AND help you get better at your sport at the same time?  Yes.  With that being said, don’t be owned by a brand.  Instead realize that “exercise” has been around for a while, and there are Many roads to Rome..


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