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I am a strong advocate for fitness. Because of what I have learned from coaches, because of what I have accomplished as a result, and for things I have witnessed with some of my own clients, I have begun to value fitness with a deeper perspective.

I have seen people cry with joy after achieving a previously impossible task, and I have seen friends crippled and frustrated, thankfully, often temporarily, by injury or sickness. We associate physical health or achievement with happiness; or conversely, we meet physical pain or limitation with sadness and anger.

How do you define your state of living? “I think, therefore I am”…. Thinking includes your brain’s interpretation of physical sensations from your scalp down to your toes; a mind/body connection.. Many of the activities you enjoy can be referred to as “physical.” ..more than some people like to admit. Your physical state dramatically affects the way you view and enjoy your life!

Your physical starting point is what it is. Starting is the hardest part, but it has to happen. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed about your desire to improve yourself. You may not be proud of where you’re at now, but if your aim is to change for the better, you have to start.

Start on a smart path to minimize your risk for injury. Be smart with your joints. Manage pounding forces and skillfully absorb shock.. No, you don’t have to be in any certain type of condition to “start”–but exercise some discretion with how you begin.


Untimely change of subject:

I enjoy eating as much as anybody.  Don’t ask me what my favorite food is.  I don’t have one as I kind of like anything that’s not still moving.  I love the “I love animals” bumper sticker that ends with “delicious.”  I have experimented with changes in my diet, I have experimented with supplements to a small extent.  I know the difference between a placebo and an effective agent.  I also know that unless you commit to a traceable dietary change for a recordable amount of time, that few external changes will take place as a result.

This is equally true with exercise and with diet.  A week-long or even a month-long diet or cleanse will give you results that mirror their respective durations… I have told people often that dietary changes have to be forever.  That means that if something isn’t “good” for you then You need another adjective.  And it won’t be good for you today, or tomorrow, or next month after you’ve lost your initial ten pounds.  So get the “temporary” out of your definition of “diet.”  A herbivore is called a herbivore because that’s what it eats, forever.  So not only are we OMNIVOROUS (thumbs up), which means we can eat meats and plants and whatever else (should there be much else?) but we can choose to define our physical makeup through what we consume.  After all, in so much deeper a sense than my herbivore analogy, we ARE what we eat.  But take this a step further..calories in vs. calories out equals your projected body composition over time.  So not only are we made up of what we eat, but we are also affected dramatically by what we do.  I personally hope to mainain control of both of these variables well into advanced chronological age.  Yes, I guess until I’m “old.”
In order to do this until I’m old, though, I have to learn things now.  I eat every single day; several times….  Learn about macro and micronutrients.  Learn about the glycemic index.  Stay hydrated.  It’s a long list but it’s crucial.

Seek out a qualified trainer.

Seek someone who cares about longevity and knows what it takes to teach and guide you in ways that improve mobility (functional range of motion) and fundamental movement capacity.  Do these things religiously and practice small skills daily.  Protect and build your posterior chain.  The beach muscle you build won’t look right and won’t do anything useful unless it’s set upon a solid foundation.
Remember, almost anybody can wear you out if that’s your/their only intention with your exercise session.  Your focus, however, should be also on longevity.  Don’t feel like you have to prepare to train with me or prepare to start.. There’s a chance we will re-work some movement patterns anyway.  Most coaches prefer to work with a novice than to correct errant patterns, as yes, it can take literally ten times as long to correct something that’s been poorly programmed, than to build it right from the beginning.  This is why they say practice makes permanent…so when you practice, seek to practice excellence.

Mike Visscher



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