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It is what it is...


It is what it is. But it ain’t always “just” what it is. When you see me at the gym and I’m bench pressing less than you, does that mean I’m not as strong? If my face is purple, I’m screaming and all three of my spotters look nervous, then I would lean toward “yes.” However, all other things being equal, unless you have observed my entire routine and/or you know where upon the chronology of my macrocycle I currently reside, then don’t judge me. Similarly, save your judgment of others in this way. My name isn't Exercise Jesus, but you know where I’m going.

I am as competitive as anyone you know, but I have had to let go the urge to “one-up” the guy on the machine next to me (smell the satire). I am, at first, talking about performance comparison based on load or intensity. Going further, however, let’s address technique. My bad. Tolerate my reference to technique.

There are technical guidelines to follow for most exercises which are deemed to be safe, efficient, or (based on your intent) very inefficient. Sometimes technique can change in the interest of favoring a singular aspect of the movement in question, or in the quest for a certain physiological stimulus. So, there’s a squat, or there’s a squat with a different aim. Wow where are my manners. I should have said “Swing.” (reference to Pavel Tsatsouline's teaching of the kettlebell swing)  By the way, don’t confuse this line of reason as an allusion to the logic of Bruce Lee’s "punch is just a punch" quote; although that is a similar conversation. 

So now in reference to my emphasis on your exact intention, understand that it is possible to promote flexibility while performing a strength maneuver. The efficacy of this depends, though, on many things..Such as the load selected, where and in which direction the load actually rests/pulls, the existing ability of the athlete (flexibility included), and other things like proprioceptive awareness, etc..

Mike Visscher 

Hear My Two Cents About..

Shoes. This article is about shoes.  But it isn't really about shoes.  But it is. 

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